Brenda  owns and operates Galey MsGuided Fly Fishing, is a full time guide, fully insured, a member of the Australian Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association, is qualified in First Aid, Swift Water Rescue and Four Wheel Drive certified with 35 yrs experience and has spent the last 27 years working in Central and North East Victoria.  She has a strict catch and release policy and also advocates the Keepemwet proper catch and release method.  Evening Rises with tiny dries is her first love but chasing all kinds of fish is fun too! All tackle provided if needed.

“I am an expatriate American that grew up on a cattle ranch in Northwestern Nebraska about as far away from fly fishing as you could get. What a change!

I was the only person in my family that fished. I have been fishing since I was nine yrs old. At age 14 I retired my fishing gear. I often caught fish with bait that would then die and I didn’t care to eat them. It seemed cruel and a waste of a resource so I stopped fishing.

I immigrated to Australia with my partner Kate in 1992. Australia was one of just seven countries in the world that recognized our relationship. I left all my friends and family behind.  I got my first job in Australia at the base of the Snowy Mountains mapping rivers and forest.

During this time one of the young guys I supervised took up fly fishing. I was intrigued and curious, I had never heard of fly fishing. I watched him cast that fly rod and it was such a beautiful thing to watch. Then he told me I could catch a fish and release it without harming it! I was ecstatic! I had to have a go so I bought the gear and had a crack at it and completely and utterly fell in love with everything flyfishing!  I love the challenge of having to be smart enough to design a fly, delicate enough to tie a size 18 Blue-winged olive, then fish that tiny fly to catch a wild brown trout.

Over the last 22 years, I have found fly fishing to be the best therapist and healer a person could ask for. Every day I miss my family in Nebraska. If I get homesick I go fishing and by the time the sun has set, the beauty of the light, the platypus, and rising trout have renewed my happy place. On February 7th, 2009 I was involved in one of the worst bushfires in Australia’s history, Black Saturday. The peace and beauty of being on the river was a balm for my PTSD. During my recovery phase.

I took 6 months off and just fished. I went home to Nebraska and fished the bass ponds, I went to Alaska and fished with Pudge Klienkauf. The stunning landscape, Pudge’s great guiding and company filled me with peace. Thank God for fly fishing. It was the smartest thing I have done for myself and one of the most beautiful things in my life.

I wanted a change in my life that included fly fishing so I have started my new guide service for women and men, Galey MsGuided Fly Fishing!  I will be the first official sole Woman-owned and operated guide business in Australia and the only woman to be on the sticks of a drift boat on the mainland.”

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