Drift Boat Trips

Drift Boating in “The MaeFly”

The MaeflyBrenda  drifts the Goulburn River near Lake Eildon in North Central Victoria  in her new drift boat ”The MaeFly” fondly known as Mae and will be including the Mitta Mitta in 2019. Future plans include the Upper Murray, Tumut and Swampy in the future.

Why Mae? When I was a little girl I loved fishing more than anything and would beg my folks to take me to the park to fish every chance I got. Knowing and sharing my love for fishing, my Primary school teacher Mae Reeves was the first person to ever take me fishing. So I named my beloved boat Mae in honour of a beloved teacher and mentor.

Mae is a low sided skiff style drift boat, custom made and imported from Adipose Boatworks of Helena Montana.  Mae is extremely stable, comfy and easier to enter and exit for clients than a traditional drift boat.

Drift boatingCost :
FULL DAY: Goulburn River $650 for 1 or 2 people.
HALF DAY: $450 1 or 2 people.
FULL DAY: Ovens or Mitta Mitta River $690 1 or 2 people.