Experience a fun, relaxing day Fly Fishing from a Drift Boat on the Goulburn River between Eildon and Alexandra for rainbow and brown trout or variety of other species.

I love what I do and sharing my love of rivers, fly fishing and the natural environment with folks is an honour and a pleasure.

Galey MsGuided Fly Fishing is strictly catch and release business with a KEEPEMWET policy when photographing fish. This means we try our best to keep fish in the water as much as possible, holding fish gently in or slightly above the water with wet hands, handling fish as little and as carefully as possible.

Kill only time, leave only footprints, catch and release!


Contact Brenda

Phone: 0477 000 324 ~ 03 5772 2206



“Each loop I throw out is a prayer, a forgiveness offered to myself for my own shortcomings, a hope for anger dissolved,
gratitude for lessons learned, the stripping away of my fears.  The river is the coolest, flowing-est, loveliest, most consistent
thing in the valley and the fish give me something extra to tether my faith to.”

J. Lukiwski